29.9 C
13 May 2021
House Stella Kalamitsi Halkidiki

Dear customers. We would like to officially inform you that according to the new health protocols,
we have taken increased health measures for the safety of everyone during your stay in our accommodation unit.
We try our best so you and your families can enjoy your vacations like every year.


1. All of our cleaning products are certified for use against COVID 19.

2. Check in and Check out is done strictly in the following hours:
Check in: 15.00 – Check out: 11.00.

3. Entrance and visit to our accommodation unit is forbidden for non residents.

4. During your stay, room service and maids are not allowed to enter your room for cleaning or change of sheets.
Therefore all necessary equipment for cleaning is available for use strictly from the clients.
Also clean bed sheets, pillowcases and towels can be given to the clients in a closed package upon request.

5. In case of emergency, there is a collaborating doctor available who is certified from the Greek Medical Association
as well as a medical kit according to the instructions of the Greek Medicine Organisation.
In case a doctor visit is needed, the visit cost is payed by the client and not the owner of the accommodation unit.
Of course there is always available a person responsible of managing a Covid 19 case.

6. Upon arrival the client must declare with a signed record to a logbook
that he/she and his/her family are in good condition and healthy.
Upon departure the client must also declare with a signed record to a logbook
that he/she and his/her family depart in good condition and healthy
and that the owner of the accommodation takes no civil liability
or any other kind of responsibility for a future Covid-19 case
or any other kind of illnessand also that the client cannot take any kind of action
under any european or other country’s law against the owner.